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The skinny about the Ionamin diet pill

While there may be a lot of rumors out on the market about Ionamin, the truth is that it is a product that has an established history for itself. It actually was one of the first diet pills to get the approval of the FDA. Ionamin also has a target use with people that have at least a 30 BMI or that have risk factors that put their being overweight at a higher risk to certain health issues. The way that Ionamin works is to help trigger their appetite suppressors. This gives the user a full feeling a lot quicker than what they would normally experience.


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In terms of side effects to the use of Ionamin, the biggest concern is those that have a history of drug use may be at risk of developing a substance abuse issue while taking Ionamin for a great amount of time. There are other severe side effects that can be experienced with this weight loss drug. These side effects can sometimes include but are not always limited to a feeling of chronic fatigue, an increased risk of hypertension, some users have experienced sleeplessness. There have also been cases involving bouts of rapid heartbeat, mild to severe depression, feeling of dryness in the throat, mild hallucinations and as mentioned drug dependency.
If you have taken Ionamin for at least three months, you and your doctor need to discuss the option of you discontinuing use as there have not been any recent studies that have pointed to the long term effectiveness of Ionamin for weight. You will then have to make an adjustment in your life in terms of diet and exercise in order to help and keep the weight you lost from coming back. Even those that have not seen any weight loss will need to make the conscious decision to wean them off this drug as to help and prevent any serious long term health damage from occurring.
The final word on the use of Ionamin for serious weight loss is that for those that are in need of it, this can be a welcome sight. As with any diet pill you need to talk to your doctor before you begin use as to help and determine if the use of Ionamin for weight loss will be a useful thing for you. Take back your life with the best diet pill on the market.